Happy Birthday Sweet Eleanor Reagan.

Today is my baby girls 2nd birthday.  She came into my life in all respects in a unexpected flash, from the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom at work, to the amazing comfort I felt the first time I heard her heartbeat at the doctor, to those first fluttering movements low in my stomach, the first images of her on the ultrasound screen, the comfort of feeling her grow and move and not knowing she was a she.  The memory of her birth is one of the proudest moments I have as a woman.  I was induced with Evie and had an epidural and an easy slow, controlled birth.  It was perfect as it was exactly what I had planned.  Nora has proven from day one that she makes her own plans and goes her own way on her own time. I was scheduled to be induced on November 4, 2010 due to low amniotic fluid.   On Saturday October 30, 2010 Eleanor Reagan was born after 4 hours of unintentional unmedicated labor.

I never intended to have an unmedicated birth, I did not prepare for one or learn about breathing methods etc.  When my contractions started I honestly didn’t think much of them as they weren’t horrifically painful like I thought they would be so I just pushed through my day.  When at about 12:30 they were getting pretty strong and regular I headed to the hospital.  I remember that being one of the most uncomfortable car rides ever.  We got to the hospital and they began to check to see how dilated I was, and I remember very vividly stating that if I wasn’t at at least 4cm so I could be admitted I might hurt someone.  Little did I know that I had been in full transition during the car ride and I was dilated to almost 10cm.  I discovered that there is a benefit to a baby being positioned posterior, which is that it can prevent a unintential home birth in those women (now me included) who wait too long to get to the hospital.  It took one push to flip Nora into the birthing position and 2 more pushes to get her out into this world.  She came into this world in  flash of drama and panic and showed me the incredible things my body could do.  The minute I saw her tiny little body, all the chaos went silent…all the pain was gone, the whole world went fuzzy except for the tiny little girl who was mine.

First Snuggle

She was alert, and awake and here, finally here.  As a mom you spend roughly 36 weeks (since the first 4 don’t “count”) waiting to meet this life you are growing.  You spend the time waiting in doctors offices or late at night when their acrobatics keep you awake  wondering who they are going to be, what they are going to look like.  I can’t explain the feeling you get at that moment when you first see your child, hold them, smell them and say welcome to the world.

Today begins the day of the terrific and terrible twos, she walks, talks, sings, plays, feeds herself and loves everything covered in syrup. She’s has outgrown the baby section of baby Gap.  There is something so bittersweet at saying goodbye to the baby stage of your child’s life, but being excited about all the new adventures that are awaiting them.  Nora is losing her baby smell, and really only has it right after bath time when I have lathered her in Johnson and Johnson’s baby soap.  Every so often I get a glimpse of her babyness, and those moments are getting fewer and fewer.  Evie and I get to sing Happy Birthday sweet Baby Nora…..You and your sister are my lifeblood and the happiness in my soul.  Here is a look back at your last 2 beautiful years.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  I can’t wait to see and experience all life has to offer you.  There are so many more adventures for us to have and mountains for us to conquer.  You will forever be my Baby Nora.

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