Nora’s Favorite Song

Nora age 3 with her preemie sleeper

Nora age 3 with her preemie sleeper

Nora turned 3 last week, and the end of my pregnancy with her was challenging as were the first months of her life.  She has been a fiery spirit from the very start.  She had awful ear problems from very early on (I swear she was born with a double ear infection) she had reflux, and because of all of that she cried….a lot.  This was a big change for me as Evie was a pretty happy baby as long as she was fed.  Nora bless her tiny heart was in pain and there wasn’t much I could do for her except nurse her and rock her and sing to her.

I am NOT a singer, I was not blessed with that musical talent to say the least and I’m not a huge fan of “baby songs” or lullabies so I usually just played soft music of all different kinds.  The Band Perry’s first hit song “If I Die Young” came out during the end of my pregnancy and even with the sad undertone of the lyrics the melody really soothed me at the end of my pregnancy.  The craziest part was in the last weeks of my pregnancy Nora was really active and I had really low amniotic fluid so when she would have periods of lots of movement it would be painful for me due to the lack of cushion.  If I would turn “If I Die Young” on my iPod in the car and crank up the volume it would sooth her and she would stop.

In the first few months after she was born, this is the song I would sing to her in the middle of the night to sooth her, and if she was upset and crying in the car this song would make her calm.  It has to be something about the melody of the song that just sits well in her soul.  Even three years later, it is still her “favorite” song and she asks for it every single time we are in the car.  She won’t sing if she knows you are taking her video or picture, so I had to be super stealth and catch her while she was singing to Princess Aurora.

Sweet Sleeping Nora

Sweet Sleeping Nora

Music can speak to souls in ways that words can’t.  Melodies can make us feel things that give us peace.  I know now that every time I hear this song I will always think of my Sweet Eleanor and the many nights we spent together with the melody of this song.  I know my nights of her falling asleep in my arms are fewer and fewer (I barely get any now) but when I do get that gift, like last night.  All seems right with the world.

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